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Growing fresh herbs at home

Like every fruit and vegetable, herbs taste best when they are freshly harvested from your garden at home. Before you start planting herbs, you need to make an important decision: Do you prefer to sow them yourself or buy pre-grown plants? If you want to grow your own herbs, you need some patience but you get to experience the entire growth process. Provided you keep a couple of things in mind, growing herbs is child's play.


The right time to sow herbs

The good news first: When it comes to growing herbs, it is all about the right timing. You can sow outside from the spring until late summer. Indoors, seeding can be done all year round. But you should expect weaker growth from November until January due to cooler temperatures and fewer hours of sunshine. Place the young plants in a very bright place, e.g. on a windowsill. A greenhouse would be even better.

Growing herbs at home

Create your own herb garden in six steps

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    Fill the plant pot

    Fill a plant pot or a planting tray to the rim with potting soil. Then distribute the soil evenly and press down lightly.

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    Sow the herbs

    Distribute the herb seeds evenly. The seeds should not be sown too closely together. Following that, cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and press down with the back of your hand or a small slat. Lightly moisten the seeds with a spray bottle or a gentle stream of water.

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    Cover the plant pot

    Cover the tray with a cover and put it in a warm place (20-22 °C) so that the seeds have optimal germination conditions. Water a little when the soil becomes drier

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    The first seedlings start to show

    Depending on the plant type, the first seedlings grow after about 8-14 days. Now the plants should be placed in a very bright place. But beware: Herbs cannot cope with blazing sun by south-facing windows!

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    Plant the seedlings

    When the seedlings starts to show their first few leaves, they must be pruned if the seedlings are too dense. If they are to be grown in your garden or in a pot, now is the right time to plant them. Now the cover can be removed. Keep well moistened.

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    Water and fertilise the plant

    A regular extra dose of nutrients in the form of fertiliser ensures optimal growth. Nitrogen in particular is crucial. While phosphate stimulates root formation, potassium strengthens the tissue and is required for good resistance. Only healthy herbs develop their full aroma – the proof is in the pudding!

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COMPO SANA® Potting Soil for Herbs and Seedlings

'COMPO SANA Anzucht- und Kräutererde' cultivation and herb soil is suitable for seedlings, herbs, cuttings and young plants. The special root activator ensures safe germination and strong growth.

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