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Comprehensive information

Plant care

Be it basic information or professional tips for lawns, indoor, balcony or garden plants, find everything you need to know about the initial planting and daily care for each season here.



No previous experience in plant and garden care? That's how everyone starts out. But if you follow a few simple basic rules, you'll be well on your way to earning your green fingers. Find out what you need to know to get started here.


Gardens and garden plants

Be it a kitchen garden, ornamental garden or small garden, every green oasis with its individual characteristics needs care and each new plant brings new requirements. Find out what you need to know about garden care here.



Not all lawns are the same. Some consider them to be the symbol of suburbia, while others see them as a space for sports and play. Everyone has different requirements for his or her lawn, but one thing is always the same: It must be taken care of. Find out how to do this here.


Herbs, fruits and vegetables

For many garden owners, it goes without saying: their own fruit and vegetables. But the balcony is also great for growing crops. From the tomato, the absolute classic, to sweet potatoes, the modern exotic, many things are possible.


Balcony and tub plants

You don't necessarily need a garden to be the proud owner of a thriving oasis. There are plenty of options for having lush green and colourful flowers on your balcony or terrace. See for yourself!



Add a touch of green to your home with beautiful houseplants. Find out which plants are suitable for which room and how to provide the best care for your green roommates here.