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Everyone starts small


No previous experience in plant and garden care? That's how everyone starts out. But if you follow a few simple basic rules, you'll be well on your way to earning your green fingers. Find out what you need to know to get started here.


Planting properly

Planting is the foundation for successful plant growth. Find out what you need to bear in mind and what tricks give your plants a perfect start here.



Water is the basis of all life. But how much and how often a plant needs water can vary greatly. The type of watering should also be adapted to the needs of the plant. Find out the basics you need to know here.


Organic gardening

You want to support beneficial insects in your garden and help animals get through the winter? Is the protection of bees very important to you? If so, find out everything you can do to give nature a helping hand here.


Soil and compost

Why are there so many different potting soils? How do they differ and what benefits do they offer? What exactly is compost and how can I use it? We are happy to answer all your soil and compost questions.


Fertilisers and plant protection

Why do plants need fertiliser and what should be kept in mind when fertilising? What is the correct way to use plant protection products to get the desired effect? Find the answers here.