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These plants are well suited

Planting on your balcony in the winter

Although you don't use your balcony very often in winter, it's nice to look out at a balcony filled with green plants during the grey winter months. In this article, we show you a selection of balcony and potted plants that still look great from the window when it's icy outside.

Preparing balcony plants

It is important to adequately drain the plant pots to prevent rot taking hold in the soil and roots in the damp winter weather. In particular, pots made from clay or ceramic are not always frost-resistant. When excess water from watering or rain freezes in the pot, it expands and can cause cracks to appear in the material or even cause the pot to burst. Besides having large enough drain holes, drainage made from expanded clay or coarse gravel at the base of the pot can help to drain off any excess water. If you have placed the pot directly on the floor of your balcony or terrace, make sure that the drain holes are not obstructed. Small supporting feet made from stones or wood can make things easier.

Watering too little, however, is also not a good countermeasure, as once the soil dries out, it cannot absorb any more moisture in frost conditions. The unfortunate result of this is that your plants dry up. For healthy winter plants on your balcony or terrace, you must always ensure that your soil is consistently moist.

Pretty frost protection

Covers made from hessian sacks provide secure yet decorative frost protection for your plant pots. They can be attached with colourful ribbons, which look particularly festive around Christmas time.

Lasting and colourful

The most beautiful winter plants

Bright red


Suitable for children


New species

Winter heath

Unpretentious and tough


The classic

Christmas rose

Much loved