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Planting roses in pots or tubs

You don't need to have your own garden to enjoy roses. Some rose varieties can be planted in pots or tubs on your balcony or terrace. Roses do well in a sunny, airy spot. You should repot them every now and again so that you can continue to enjoy your roses in pots and tubs for years to come. Find out what you should keep in mind when planting and replanting your roses here.

What you should keep in mind for roses in pots or tubs

Roses that form branches and tall shrub roses don't make suitable tub plants because they become too big. Roses in tubs often only reach one third or half of their maximum height. Roses that flower more often and those that have a pleasant scent are most popular. Annual shrubs are a suitable undergrowth. Ivy geraniums don't make suitable neighbours because they require a large amount of nutrients and would compete with the rose for these. 

Step by step guide

Potting and repotting roses

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    Prepare the pot

    A drainage layer (3 to 4 cm thick) made from expanded clay or clay fragments should first be placed at the bottom of the container to store water and prevent waterlogging. A water-permeable non-woven material is then placed on the drainage layer to prevent water and soil from mixing together later on. Then add some rose soil.

  2. repot roses


    Put the plant in

    The plant is now placed in the pot. Make sure the roots don't become bent when you pot the plant. The rest of the pot is filled with rose soil up to one to two centimetres below the rim (gap below the rim to allow for watering).

  3. watering roses


    Water and care for the rose

    In a final step, the rose is watered well and fertilised as needed. If the plant's roots have filled the pot after two years, it will need to be repotted again. But if planting the rose in a larger pot or tub is not possible due to lack of space, the plant is removed from the old pot with its balls. Once the roots have been freed from the soil, thick roots are pruned, the shoots shortened to about 10 cm and the plant repotted in the same pot with fresh soil.

These roses can be planted in pots or tubs

Rose varietyFlower colour


Flowers in pink

'Rosarium Uetersen'
Flowers in bright pink
'Margaret Merill'
Flowers in white
'Winchester Cathedral'
Flowers in white
'Golden Celebration'
Flowers in golden yellow
'English Garden'
Flowers in yellow

Rose guide

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