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Planting and caring for bare root roses properly

Autumn is a great time to plant roses. They are often sold with their roots bare, i.e. without a clod of earth. These plants are particularly susceptible to drying out due to their unprotected roots. They should be planted immediately after purchase. Find out what steps should be followed to ensure that the plants grow well in their new spot here.


Cover the roses with some soil from November onwards to protect them against frost and the wind.

Step by step guide

Planting bare root roses properly

  1. cut roots


    Prune the roots and shoots

    Shorten the plants to about 20 cm. Remove the damaged roots and gently cut the root tips to encourage the roots to grow again. Then soak the rose by placing it in a bucket filled with water about 12 hours before planting. This allows the roots to fill up with water. The roses should therefore be placed in the water at least up to the graft union.

  2. plant roses


    Plant the rose

    Dig out a planting hole with a diameter of about 40 cm. It should be deep enough so that the roots do not bend when the plant is placed inside. Loosen the soil of the planting hole so that it is easier for the roots to grow into the soil. Fill the dug hole with rose soil. Place the plant in the planting hole so that the graft union is 5 cm above the soil.

  3. watering roses


    Water the rose

    Press the soil down and create a small wall around the plant. This allows the water to reach the roots directly. Now water thoroughly.

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