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Care tips to protect against warm air from heating and lack of light

Overwintering orchids

For many plant lovers, orchids quite simply belong on the windowsill – but something that seems so self-evident to us is an enormous challenge for this tropical plant. In their native country, orchids get up to eight hours of sun per day, even in the winter months. But here, we are lucky to get just one hour of sun with the wet and cold weather. Added to that there is the dry air from heating and icy draughts coming from outside to contend with, so it's no wonder that many orchids emerge from their winter sleep looking worse for wear. In this article, we show you what to keep in mind when overwintering orchids to ensure that the plants quickly bloom again in the spring.

How to keep the tropical plant comfortable

The four biggest challenges faced when caring for orchids in the winter

Problem No. 1

Lack of light

Problem No. 2


Problem No. 3

Warm air from heating

Problem No. 4