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How do I water my plants while I'm on holiday?

The long-awaited holiday is finally just around the corner. We start looking forward to it weeks beforehand – it signifies time away from stressful daily working life. But some things need to be sorted out before you go on holiday. This includes the watering of your plants. How can we keep flowers, fruit and vegetable plants as well as lawns and hedges looking fresh after weeks without being watered?

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The following generally applies: Water thoroughly once more before going on holiday. Plants can usually survive a short weekend away without any problems. Have you planned a holiday lasting several weeks? If so, the easiest method is to ask relatives or neighbours to water the lovingly tended plants every now and then. You could give them some of your harvest or surprise them with a dinner invitation in return. If you can't find someone you trust to take care of your plants, we recommend the following measures.

These methods help prevent your plants from dying of thirst






Vegetable patch







This measure is drastic but effective: If possible, it is handy to prune your plants and clip off flowers so that they don't consume so much water. Some flowers bloom twice in the summer. Hopefully your plant will have formed new flowers by the time you return home.

Saving water with the right fertiliser

You can actually save precious water with the right fertiliser. Slow-release fertilisers with sheepwool pellets have the capacity to store water. So, incorporate the pellets into the soil before your holiday.

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We generally advise trying out automatic watering systems before you go on holiday. Does the system work perfectly? Is the amount of water dispensed correct? Avoid a setting that is too high so that there is no waterlogging.

Check beforehand whether your plants have diseases or pests, deal with the infestation and place the plant in a separate location to protect other plants.

These tips help you to enjoy your free time on holiday without any worries! We hope you come back well rested!