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The best tips for fir trees that shed needles

Fir trees often quickly start shedding their needles in your flat or house and can spoil the joy of Christmas. How fir trees shed their needles mainly depends on the variety of the fir tree, the location and the care. Find out what you can do to stop fir trees from shedding needles here.

Tip 1: Choose the right variety of fir tree

Once the needles start to fall, it is already too late. So, it is important to keep all the tips in mind from the start. When choosing your fir tree, you can take precautions by choosing the right tree variety. Depending on the variety chosen, they shed their needles at varying rates. The Caucasian or noble fir are particularly well suited to long stays in your living rooms.

It is a good idea to purchase from smaller local dealers, as the trees they sell are often fresh and have not been left around for too long. You can also easily estimate their age by inspecting the cut surface. The darker the cut surface, the longer ago the tree was felled. Alternatively, if you want to be absolutely certain, your Christmas tree can also be felled or dug up by hand later on at a local dealer, ideally after prior reservation. This way, you can get a beautiful tree in good time and only have it cut down when you need it. 

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Tip 2: Avoid temperature fluctuations

Once you have chosen a beautiful fir tree and brought it home, it is advisable to remove the net straight away so that the branches can unfurl again. Before bringing it into your home, the tree should be kept in a garage, a balcony protected from the wind or in a cool hallway for one day. This prevents major temperature fluctuations and stops the fir tree from losing its needles too quickly.

Tip 3: Keep the Christmas tree moist

As fir trees need a lot of water, they must be continuously moist. To enable the tree to absorb water well, it is a good idea to cut off a disc from the stump and then place it in a bucket of water. You can simply use tap water for the fir tree in your living room. Check the fill level on a daily basis and fill it as needed so that it is not sitting on a dry surface. There is also the option of spraying the branches with water for more moisture or with COMPO's boxwood green for a beautiful, healthy green.

Choosing the right location also helps. If possible, choose a location away from the fireplace or radiators, where it is not too warm and draughty. This will stop the Christmas tree from shedding its needles until a lot later on.