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Exoticism for your home

These plants create a holiday atmosphere on your balcony

Why disappear off into the distance when one of the most beautiful travel destinations is right outside your balcony door? It doesn't matter how much space you have: With select tub plants, you can turn your balcony into an oasis of calm. Treat yourself to exotic flowers, heavenly aromas and fruity citrus trees – and soon you won't want to leave your new favourite holiday home.!

Rediscover plant classics

You don't necessarily need unusual plants to turn your balcony into a sea of colours. Well-known floral favourites are also ideal for adding the flora of far-away lands to your terrace. Hailing from South America, begonia, petunia and fuchsia are famous for their floral abundance. Depending on the variety, the flowers of the low-maintenance begonia radiate in almost all colours. A distinguishing feature of the petunia are its trumpet-like flowers – usually white, pink, violet, red or blue and sometimes with spotted, star-shaped or striped patterns. With more than 100 wild varieties, fuchsias offer an abundance of wonderful flowers. Predominantly in hanging baskets, these genera provide diverse exoticism on your balcony.

colorful plants

Bring aromas from all over the world to your home

Foreign countries are always associated with specific smells. The scented geranium is a great plant that takes you on fragrant adventures. Although it often appears inconspicuous when compared to its colourful French counterparts, it has much to offer. Each plant has a different shape, colour and leaf size. They spread their scent through tiny glands on the upper side of the leaves. When they are rubbed or touched, they open and release a fragrant oil. Whether lemon, orange, apple, mint or even chocolate: Scented geraniums offer you intense fragrances from far-away lands on your balcony at home.

Exotic plants in delicate colours

Do you prefer something more discreet? Then we recommend the bacopa 'sutera cordata'. The South African plant owes its name to its abundant white flowers which dance in the summer breeze like snowdrops. It reliably blooms in gentle violet and powdery rosé from May into October.  Miniature roses, which originate from the Middle East and China, are a good choice given their timelessly beautiful flowers and their scent. The benefits: They are compact, bushy and flower tirelessly throughout the summer. When it comes to the range of colours and shapes, the flowers of miniature roses don't fall short when compared to their larger siblings.

lemon tree balkony

Green roommates from Asia and southern Europe

We also love citrus trees, but they have always been considered very demanding. Although the woody plants from the south do well here, they require frost-free overwintering – at least as things currently stand. There are now new lemon, orange, grapefruit and kumquat varieties that can tolerate subzero temperatures. Wrapped up in a protected place, they bravely withstand the cold time of the year outside the door and reward us in the summer with fragrant flowers and juicy fruits. Other Mediterranean plants, such as laurel, oleander, lavender and rosemary, make suitable companions. You should care for them according to their needs to help make your exotic plant guests feel at home. The formulas of our special soils are also tailored to the specific needs of the target crops and stand out thanks to their excellent water and air storage capacity – for optimal plant development.

orange tree

Citrus plant guide

There are numerous varieties of citrus plant, such as lemons, oranges, mandarins, limes and grapefruit. Find out all you need to know about Mediterranean citrus plants here.

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What you should bear in mind when caring for plants in planters

When potting or repotting, make sure that the containers are at least 3 to 4 cm taller than the root balls. The base should also have a drain hole to drain off water. Use a drip tray to prevent any dirt collecting on your balcony or terrace due to excess leaking water. The soil should be structurally stable. This means that it doesn't cave in on itself after watering. This allows the roots to develop better – it also has an effect on shoot growth above ground. High-quality special soils contain components such as perlite and bark humus, which aerate the roots and ensure a high water storage capacity.

Caring for balcony and tub plants properly

Every outdoor area becomes a green oasis with magnificent flowering plants in boxes, baskets and tubs. But this living decoration also needs care. These seven tips will help keep your balcony and tub plants beautiful for a long time.

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