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The most beautiful balcony plants for sunny and shaded spots

Whether a plant develops well or not largely depends on where it is placed. Balconies also have sunny and/or shaded areas. When planting your green roommates, make sure that you choose a suitable spot for them. Find out which plants are particularly well suited to the different light conditions and how to care for them properly here.

balcony plants

Plants for the sun deck

Most rooftop terraces and balconies enjoy direct sunlight. This makes them ideal spots for flowers, herbs and seasonal plants in full bloom because it is thanks only to the power of the sun that flavours, fragrances and floral abundance can develop. Most plants can be grown in boxes, tubs or baskets. It is best to use a high-quality universal soil that is suitable for different plants and already contains a starter dressing. Our range includes a soil that is just half the weight of standard substrates – lugging hefty bags to higher floors is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the practical carrying handle and the resealable bag, the light soil is also very comfortable to carry and any unused product easy to store.

Sun-loving protégés in particular need to be watered regularly. It is advisable to water them either in the morning or in the evening to prevent evaporation or overheating. When the weather is very hot, you should also protect your plants with non-woven fabric that provides shade. Remember to give your green roommates plenty of nutrients in the form of fertiliser – this allows them to grow well and develop resistance to diseases and pests.

Some examples of sun-loving balcony plants include:

  • Balcony plants: Petunia, pelargonium, incense, bacopa, Boston daisy
  • Seasonal plants: Common heather, gazania, beggartick, pansy, winter asters
  • Herbs: Lavender, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme
  • Scented plants: Pineapple sage, blue giant hyssop, chocolate cosmos, midnight candy, lemon verbena


Various balcony plants


Daisy (sun)


Pelargonium (sun)


Petunia (sun)


Fuchsia (shade)


Begonia (shade)


Bellflower (shade)

Plants for shaded spots

Not every balcony faces the sun – in large cities there are many backyards with low sunlight or indirect light. Such places are suitable for ornamental foliage plants that favour the shade. They are more likely to please the eye with striking foliage than with floral abundance. 

Some examples of balcony plants that do well in the shade include:

  • Balcony plants: Begonias, coleus, ground ivy, busy Lizzie, fuchsia
  • Seasonal plants: Bellflower, primrose, coral bells
  • Herbs: Valerian, hanging and wild strawberries, mint, chives, woodruff

All plants have different levels of thirst!

It is best to use a separate pot for each plant. If plants with varying water requirements are sown together, they may receive an over or under supply when they are watered.