Simply beautiful plants.
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New liquid fertilizer bottles

consist of more than 90 % recycled plastic

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'Brand of the Century'

German Standards 2019

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Sustainable peat extraction

Responsibly Produced Peat


Happiness in the garden in summer

Cucumbers, tomatoes, chard - the first summer walk through the vegetable garden already promises a rich harvest. And daisies, geraniums and millon bells in the flowerbed or in the flower box on the balcony also put you in a good mood with their colorful blossoms . If yo


Lawn care over the course of the year

A healthy, thick lawn forms the foundation for a beautiful garden. Here is your overview of the most important activities throughout the seasons.


Get inspired

There are so many creative ideas for home and garden projects. But which one is right for you and your home? Be inspired by our ideas.

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