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Natural fertilisation with COMPO's sheepwool fertilisers

Sheepwool is not just used to make jumpers, its absorbency makes it a fantastic component for fertilisers. COMPO's slow-release organic fertilisers contain sheepwool and are the perfect solution for organic gardening

The secret of sheepwool

Sustainable fertilisation with wool

Sheep are often used to care for the countryside. Now they can make themselves useful even in the garden – not as a lawn mower, but with their wool. Sheep have to be shorn each spring so that their thick coat doesn't become matted. Depending on the breed and age, 3.5 kg of wool accumulates on average.

This eco-friendly renewable resource delivers plenty of nutrients for plants that stimulate growth, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate, fresh from the sheep. Wool also has very good water storage properties – sheep would otherwise be soaked through to the skin when it rains.

sheep wool fertilizer

COMPO slow-release organic fertilisers with sheepwool

By being extruded with other natural components into pellets with an instant and long-term effect, which quite incidentally store water and improve the soil, wool plays a leading role in COMPO's organic slow-release fertiliser. The water-storing effect improves the water supply of plants, especially in dry periods, and the swelling effect loosens the soil. The roots of your plants will have a better supply of oxygen and avoid waterlogging. The nutrients from the wool are released to the plants continuously over an extended period. The wool then humifies via earthworms. The fertiliser pellets are worked into the soil during the spring or placed directly in the planting hole.

In addition to a universal version, six special sheep's wool fertilisers are also available for roses, rhododendron, conifers, berries, tomatoes, and raised beds. Incidentally, all the wool used in the COMPO products comes from Europe. This avoids long transportation routes and supports local sheep farms, promoting the local natural and cultural landscape.

sheep wool fertilizer

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